Cyber Divisions is a Non Profit Designed to Spread Information security Education through learning programes, competitions, mentorship to identify and enable Africa's poorest Citizens to become cyber defenders that will protect Africa's Infrastructure. 


Design/donate course



Give Computer Hardware equipment


Design A CTF


Raise Support


Your Materials Help communities get started due to scarcity of internet connections we download them and are redistributed, For those with hard copy material please contact us on how they can be delivered

What you may consider as waste equipment could be gold for a community,the equipment is used to set up computer classes,a community could hardly aford a computer

We use the CTFs for our advanced progamme called War on The Wire to help young people boost their skills in information Security

Not everyone can travel to Africa, but you can help right where you are.Help us raise support for the work of cyber Divisions We are happy to supply you with creative ideas...

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Our Work

Cyber Security is not only for IT proffesionals we help raise awareness in communities on privacy and online safety one communtity at atime


We can't reach out to all areas at the same time but helping a single community get started by offering a couple of resources to make it possible for a community to be able to meet,learn and dicuss diferent ideas with out a lot of barriers.


War On The Wire is our information Security Driven Hackathon Where anumber of volunteers come together to mentor a bigger number of atendees in diferent infosec topics,This is where our Ctf program takes place where we have a group or individuals come to solve challenges.



Cyber Divisions is sponsored by ArtsSEC Information Security.

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Poverty, disease and civil wars are real in Africa and are ready to hit you no matter what dream you have, Benjamin grew up in one of the Small towns in Uganda he had a dream of becoming the best cyber security expert on the Continent, yes that was the dream. He managed to push through education until High school going ahead of this level meant a lot of sacrifice as his parents were struggling to raise some money for college, he made it for one term in a computer engineering class and later dropped because he couldn't be sustained in school anymore due to lack of funds. But he still dreamt he....