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Congratulations to our good friends at Cyber Divisions! With COVID restrictions partially lifting, they completed their first educational conference in person since the start of the pandemic!
These are the latest photo’s from their educational event at the Jinja Senior Secondary School attended by 75 students. They discussed Android security, online safety, big data, password policies, and general online security risks. With the reduction in Covid-19 restrictions in Uganda, they can now reach out to those in need with even greater frequency.
Cyber Divisions is a Ugandan-based non-profit that believes Africa’s contribution to the global security community is critical for global progress. They educate young people in cybersecurity, privacy, and the policies that affect them directly. From the Girl’s Tech Inclusion Project, Infosec meetups, and educational school events,

Cyber Divisions is looking to make the online world accessible and safe for all of Africa’s 1.2+ billion people.



We proudly support their efforts and hope you can also help them make a difference in young people’s lives.

We highly encourage those who can help support founder Benjamin Shamir and his group’s work.
Please visit them at

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