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Workshop Coding Girls (Jinja, Uganda)


The Cyber Divisions organized with many volunteers a workshop in Jinja, Uganda for women and girls that wanted to learn how to code and make websites & mobile apps.

From Cyber Divisions:

The workshop was graced with 40 women that were eager to learn and to explore different aspects of programming, robotics and security.

40 GIRLS attended the workshop in Jinja, Uganda to learn how to start coding.20 girls came from an NGO that supports orphans that lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS and the rest came from schools and nearby communities.

It was a great day that was full of exciting speakers and teachers who energized the girls and women. Some of our greatest highlights were when the girls asked questions like “How do we start coding?”, “How do robots work?” “How do we start a career in Tech?”.

Such questions blew our minds and were calling for more of such workshops in the communities we live in. This also meant that none of these girls had come across such an opportunity to attend an event like this.

But our greatest highlight is how the girls got so much involved during all sessions which got us thinking that if all girls were given opportunities like this so many of them would be able to get ignited and come up with great ideas that would change the world.

From ArtsSEC we started to support The Cyber Divisions two years ago sharing knowledge and materials. We are very happy helping our friends and see how local communities are growing!

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