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Cyber safe Spaces

Over the years, we have gone through hundreds of computer lab spaces and public libraries around the country. We provided free online security and privacy education in our outreaches program, and we noticed that all devices(computers) the communities used didn’t even have essential protection installed on them. This raised a question amongst us, yes it is true we are giving power to communities to protect themselves, and they’re getting the ideas and putting them into practice, but on unprotected computers and networks, to us, it didn’t make sense, and we decided that we shall try as much as we can to source protection for these spaces to close these computers based loopholes first.

It’s not because these spaces and the communities responsible for them do not know that they need this protection, but because it is unfordable. We serve in communities and countries where people can hardly afford a meal; in that manner, why would one choose protection over a meal. That’s left for us to think about.

We, as Cyber Divisions, want to be the voice for these communities to cover this gap by leveraging resources by reaching out to well-wishers, Organizations, and partners to help us source essential protection for these spaces in Uganda and the rest of Africa.

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