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Thousands of people connect online each day for their first time in Africa with great excitement to navigate the web, talk, and message with loved ones miles away. It comes with so many advantages but also disadvantages.

Our data indicate that hundreds of people go to gadgets stores to acquire a phone or a computer that they barely know how to use. This can cause real problems if no action is taken to provide some education. In addition, hackers and organized groups may take advantage of these people’s data and privacy.

Connecting online, especially for the first time, comes with many challenges with little or no online safety and privacy education.

So little has been done by companies and store owners to provide primary protection education to their clients. As Cyber Divisions, we have developed a program to help provide fast insight education on security and privacy through our pop-up in-store awareness project.

In this project, we shall be partnering with gadget stores selling smartphones and computers. We shall be assigning someone to the store to provide a quick insight on online security and privacy and a printout to customers to help them stay safe while on their journey online.

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