What we offer to communitieS

Our communities include schools, public libraries, Charity organizations, and gadget stores that sell phones and computers we offer online security education and awareness in community schools but also through our cyber safe spaces program we do offer free protection to computer classes devices and education to computer educators on security and privacy healthy practices to keep educating masses that use these cyberspaces each day.

Below are some of the free services we can offer to your community.

Cyber Safe spaces

A Cyber Safe Space is a public computer class/lab mostly in schools and public libraries, In Uganda only there are more than 20,000 of these and each space hosts about 300 people a day, unfortunately, these people grapple with cyber threats and computer viruses that lead to loss of sensitive data each day. As an organization, we aim to provide basic licensed protection to these spaces alongside education on data protection and day-to-day security practices.


8 million people connect online for the first time in their lives across Africa without any knowledge about what awaits them over the internet, and 821 million people lose their sensitive data each day to hackers and scammers. People and communities who require this education and awareness are vulnerable, Cyber Divisions wants to change this, over the past years, we have brought free online security education and awareness to over 20,000 people and want to take this education and awareness to 14 million people in the next two years.