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Cyber Divisions is very essential in this era of ever-growing technology and internet usage, whereby the wrong people take advantage of the ignorant people. what we thank Cyber Divisions for is providing the necessary education that the masses need to protect and stay safe online, and we are grateful for that.


A project unleashing security! iwant to take this opportunity to thank Cyber Divisions for the work you are doing, it has helped me learn more about computer, privacy and online security, for the shortest time i have attended an outreach i have been able predict a secure future for more people in Africa.


I thank you for the work that you’re doing i remember the first time i attended your outreach sessions i didn’t know any thing about security, privacy and safety online, for me it was a life changing moment because i got an opportunity to discover a lot of things that run in the background as we browse the web and i do promise to share what i learnt with others.


I appreciate the worthless efforts put in by Cyber Divisions, i have been motivated by how much i have gained in the shortest time. i have gained skills on how to handle security incidents  and it’s an eye openner for me, the whole community and Africa atlarge. my advice to people is that let’s take security serious because if we don’t we have more to lose.

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